Do YOU need our help?

Below is a quick quiz to help you determine if you would benefit from our help.

  1. Do you know “insider” sources to find the BEST attorney for your case?
  2. Do you know the specific questions to ask an attorney to find out if they are your best option?
  3. Do you know strategies that can reduce your legal fees by thousands of dollars?
  4. Does your spouse speak negatively or degradingly to you (or about you) in front of others?
  5. Do others consider your spouse to be “high strung” or “difficult”?
  6. Do you constantly find yourself “walking on eggshells” around your spouse because you never know what will set them off?
  7. In a fit of anger, has your spouse ever threatened to leave with the children or told you that they are a much better parent than you?
  8. Would it be helpful to have an expert advise you exactly how to respond to a specific threat, text, email or phone call from your ex?
  9. Do you know what to do if your spouse threatens to call the police if you don’t leave your home?
  10. Do you know what you are giving up if you move out of your home before your divorce is filed or settled?
  11. Do you know how to greatly increase the odds of obtaining a favorable settlement before you even select an attorney?
  12. Do you know the crucial distinctions between sole custody, primary custody, joint physical custody and joint custody?
  13. Do you know how to guard yourself against being set up to violate a court order?
  14. Do you know what “Status Quo” means and how it could affect you?
  15. Are you aware of the most effective strategies that can significantly increase your chances of obtaining a positive outcome in court?

If any of those questions have left you feeling apprehensive, uncertain or fearful, then you definitely need help navigating through this divorce.

All of our clients recognize and appreciate the value and security of walking into divorce court as prepared as possible. Some of our people are uncomfortable with the risk and intimidation in the divorce process, and don’t want to do it alone. Others just want to do everything they can to put the odds of obtaining an equitable settlement in their favor. We especially welcome parents wishing to shield their children from harm and damage that can be caused by a divorce.

We help people in all three phases of a divorce.


You realize that your marriage is headed toward a divorce that you may or may not want. You may or may not be separated. One of you may already have spoken to an attorney but no one has filed paperwork yet. There are several extremely important factors that can be put into your favor at this time that won’t have the same impact later. In fact, some of the choices you make at this point can potentially decide the fate of your case before you ever set foot in the courtroom. This is actually the BEST time to engage our services.

During divorce:

One or both of you has already retained an attorney or a mediator and filed the paperwork. You may already have been assigned a judge and been to court. You may be immersed in the divorce only to find out that you picked the wrong attorney for the job. That is a dangerous position to be in. You are probably already heavily invested financially in your first attorney and are quickly running out of funds. Worse yet, the judge may already have formed a negative opinion about you (or your attorney). At this point you may also realize that your spouse isn’t conducting themselves as rationally, honestly and fair as you had originally anticipated. You are beginning to understand that you are in a very dangerous position unless something changes quickly.


Even after the original divorce proceedings are over, circumstances frequently change that precipitate more litigation, especially if children are involved. In many cases this second wave of litigation can be much more intense than the first. As an example, you or your ex-spouse enter into another romantic relationship that causes issues, or there is a difference of opinion what church or school the children will attend, or one of you decides to move out of state with the children etc.

Divorce is an emotional and confusing process for everyone involved. Our goal is to help you to make the best decisions possible at a vulnerable time in your life. The decisions made during this stressful time will affect you and your children for the rest of your life. Allowing us to advise you to navigate through this complex process will enable you to establish a new future, protect your health, lifestyle and assets. Whenever children are involved, the divorce process is even more complex and the stakes are much higher.